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The jacuzzi tubs that are right for your needs

When you consider Jacuzzi tubs, you almost certainly imagine a soothing bath and soaking in soothing warm water. Although the Jacuzzi name is technically for a line of luxury hot tubs, the name has become interchangeable with both hot tubs and jetted tubs. Manyhouseholders plan to install a whirlpool bathtub so as to enjoy a soothing spa experience whenever they take a shower.

The difference between Jacuzzis and other tubs

You’ve probably heard the term Jacuzzi meaning a spread of predicament tubs with jets. This will quickly cause confusion about the differences between tub types. Forinstance, perhaps you’ve seen hotels advertise their Jacuzzi tub rooms but heard somebody else say they only put during a new Jacuzzi within the backyard. One Jacuzzi may be a private bath and therefore the other is an outside spa on the patio.

  • Jacuzzi tub: Although sometimes pertaining to the posh hot tubs, the Jacuzzi brand also makes a Whirlpool bathtub line of jetted bathtubs. This is often where the term Jacuzzi tub became related to jetted tubs and whirlpool bathtubs. Most of the time a Jacuzzi tub refers to indoor jetted bathtubs and not outdoor spas, which are usually just called Jacuzzis.
  • Bathtub:A bathtub is that the generic tub that’s in your bathroom and may be crammed with warm water for bathing or soaking. Most homes with bathtubs have a shower/bathtub combination for convenience. a daily bathtub won’t have jets or whirlpool features.
  • Hot tub:Hot tubs, also referred to as spas or bathtub spas, are large tubs or pools of water which will fit several full-size adults. There are usually jets placed round the seats of the recent tub to make a whirlpool effect within the water. Bathtubspas are used for everything from entertainment for a backyard cookout with friends to hydrotherapy treatment after a troublesome workout.

Why consider installing a Jacuzzi tub?

Installing jaccuzzi tubsor other jetted tubs in your home might sound like an unnecessary luxury. After all, you've got a wonderfully good shower for bathing. Adding a jetted tub, however, can provide tons of advantages to you and your home.

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