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The best ways to use a jacuzzi bathtub

A few tips are enough to install a warm and relaxing atmosphere in an ordinary bathroom. From light fixtures, to the choice of materials to the colour of your bathroom linen, discover all our ideas for transforming your bathroom in a relaxing place.

Adapt the lighting

To do it right, drop the ceiling lights, in the light too direct and aggressive, but prefer the extra lighting, much softer. LED lamps, for example, are ideal: they diffuse a delicate and warm light. Of course, candles are also part of the essential elements to create a gentle warmth in the room.

Choose the colours

Ideally, let the white, frosty, and prefer the beige, the cream, the chocolate, the taupe or the pearly grey will give this kind of romantism. Why not also give a marine and vegetal atmosphere of the most relaxing by choosing shades of blue, green like a holiday home.

Give yourself some bubbles

Easy to install in a few moments, these bubble mattresses adapt to all jacuzzi bathtub and diffuse swirls at will, thanks to different intensities of massage. Some models are equipped with an aromatic oil diffuser for a bath with a delicate fragrance: like a real spa.

Decorate with green plants

You can also install tropical plants such as orchids, bromeliads, Anthurium, or crotons. The only conditions for these plants to flourish in your bathroom? Benefit from moderate heat and sufficient light.

Fall for noble materials

Install some pictures on the walls or bet on brass taps. If your bathroom has windows, you can also hang linen curtains or bamboo blinds.

Treat yourself to fluffy towels

Choose them in quality cotton, if possible, in honeycomb and coordinated colours to create harmony. The comfort key and crack for a soft pillow to suck on the top of your bath for maximum comfort.

A spa platform is often essential because it prevents the spa from sinking into the floor, which prevents uneven damage to the spa and its lower part.

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