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What are the first steps in preparing for your own spa?

The first steps in preparing your own jacuzzi obviously involves its construction. Depending on its type, the construction of a jacuzzi will be more or less easy to achieve yourself.

Prepare the construction of your jacuzzi

Start by defining the type, shape, location and dimensions of your bath spa. Then evaluate the total budget of your project. Finally, pay close attention to these 3 aspects:
- The floor: know that a jacuzzi can weigh 1 to 2 tons, when it is filled. It must therefore be installed on a floor capable of supporting this weight.
- The heating system: to be pleasant to use, a jacuzzi must have a heating system and hydrojets. These elements make construction quite complex.
- Electricity: it is essential to respect the electrical standards when installing a jacuzzi. Get advice from a professional for more safety.

Making a jacuzzi in kit: a simpler solution!

If you do not feel you have the DIY skills to build your jacuzzi from A to Z but still want to put your hands in the sludge, there is an intermediate solution: the Jacuzzi kit.

Building a jacuzzi kit requires basic DIY knowledge but greatly reduces the difficulty and the risk of being mistaken. Incidentally, a jacuzzi bathtub to assemble kit will cost much less than a model mounted and installed by the manufacturer.
With a jacuzzi kit, you only need to assemble the kit. An important task will be to connect the filter elements to the tank of the jacuzzi. But you do not have to think about the equipment to choose because everything is provided in the kit: the pump is adapted to the volume of water, the massage jets are already in place, and so on.
You can also be accompanied by a manufacturer for the installation of your jacuzzi kit. Most providers offer telephone support for this type of product.

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