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The benefits of the spa on the body

The whole body benefits from repeated spa sessions, as the spa has multi-level effects on the metabolism.

A spa activates blood circulation, which allows for better absorption of minerals and promotes the elimination of lactic acid - ideal for preventing muscle soreness. In addition, because our skin has a lower temperature than that of water, the vasodilation that follows causes a blood flow that is beneficial for the functioning of the heart muscle. Activating nervous circulation also helps in digestion and detoxification of the body. The spa has a beneficial effect on osteoarthritis, back pain and rheumatism, thus reducing some of the pain associated with these pathologies. The water bubbles that caress the body stimulate the nervous system. The water jets allow a deep cleansing of the skin, in particular causing the disappearance of dead skin.

If you opt for an in-ground swim spa, you can additionally practice swimming against the current, which helps in muscle development.
A spa is also beneficial for your psyche: A spa session ensures complete relaxation: it helps reduce nervous tension and stress; Indulging in spa sessions is the guarantee of regaining a peaceful and restful sleep.

The advantages of a home spa

It is of course possible to go to a wellness center to indulge in spa sessions, but opting for the purchase of a spa at home is the guarantee of enjoying the whole time. year of the benefits it provides without having to leave home, and then being able to stroll in a bathrobe without having to face the outside world! When you feel like it, all you have to do is dim the lights, light some candles, put on the music you love and savor the moment ... In addition, a spa is always ready to welcome you, because the water is constantly there. maintained at the correct temperature. Finally, having a spa at home requires very little maintenance: apart from regularly checking the pH of the water and cleaning the filter cartridge, you only need to drain it once a quarter. So what are you waiting for to treat yourself to spa bliss at home, find your spa on sale at Tropicspa now !


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