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A bath with birch sap


Birch sap was used by Nordic people in ancient cosmetics. Possessing virtues because of its amino acids and mineral salts, nowadays, it is a reference product in hair lotions. To make your hair shine, a few very simple and easy-to-make birch water-based recipes provide undeniable results, whether for the face or the hair. Tonic recipe to clarify the face A very simple recipe, because you need a clove in 200 ml of birch sap that you put in a spray bottle, preferably tinted glass. For application, it is effective every morning on dry and cleansed skin. The effect is immediate and after a few days you will have clarified skin and a balanced complexion. A traditional Estonian recipe for removing freckles and keeping skin clean. Recipe for hair as shine lotion For the hair, you need 200ml of birch water in a spray bottle, added with eight drops of organic Ylang Ylang essential oil. Then close the vaporizer tightly, then shake very hard until the mixture is smooth. Keeps cool in the refrigerator and can be used for 3 weeks. Spray on damp or dry hair daily, while rubbing the scalp. Do not rinse, and you will see the result after a few days, with optimal hair shine. The minerals and trace elements in birch water will make your hair look vigorous, healthy and repaired. In addition to this, diseases and scalp problems like eczema, itching, dandruff and psoriasis will be treated. Other recipes are available for curly hair, shampoo and anti-dandruff lotion based on this natural product. What is certain is that its use does not bring any danger to health, immediate and beneficial effects and above all to be used without moderation in your jacuzzi tubs.


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